I’m Stephen, an illustrator and graphic artist based in Alameda, California, where I live with my wife, daughter, a rescue greyhound (Mr. B) and a border collie mix (Suzey). During normal-people’s-work-hours, I design packaging and product photography for a San Francisco based e-comm company. In 2014 I began drawing again, with a pencil, a colored one. This led to a rather big pile of drawings. Today my goal is to make more of them, and better ones.

Sèche, my last name, is kind of tricky to pronounce. “It sounds like fresh,” my wife used to say to her cooking classes. Similar to Crème Fraîche, a delicious semi-sour french cream topping. Which is where the name Fraiche originated.

I grew up in New York’s Hudson Valley, and then I moved to Los Angeles. Then I moved back to the Hudson Valley, aaaand then back to Los Angeles again, where I eventually graduated from Cal Arts in southern California. I’ve got an in-depth bi-coastal appreciation for people, places and moving. In the mid 1990's I settled for good in the Bay Area, where I acquired a passion for walking big hills, really good bread and drinking snobby coffee.

I'm Stephen Séche (sounds like fresh) a graphic artist and illustrator living in Alameda California.  I draw because I like it, it feels like my version of meditation. I love drawing architecture, people and history and revealing the personality of a place. I began a drawing-a-day project in 2014 (it lasted for 2 years straight) after a very long break from pencils and pens.